Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gestational Diabetes test - 28 weeks

Today, July 14th, marks the start of my 3rd trimester. This means there are just 12 weeks to go! Today was also my 28 weeks doctors appointment to test for gestational diabetes.

I had to eat breakfast at 8:45, drink the icky bottle of glucose solution at 9:45 and then have blood taken at 10:45. It tasted like super super sweet but flat orange soda. It wasn't the nicest thing ever but much better than I had expected.

After the blood had been taken, I had a regular appointment with yet another new Dr, Dr Goldin. I was weighed as normal and my blood pressure was taken. The Dr seems happy with my weight gain so far, 20lbs in 28 weeks, and she was very happy with my blood pressure.

She measured my belly and said it was measuring spot on, and we also listened to the babys heartbeat. I'm not sure what it was today as I forgot to ask, but it sounded beautiful as usual! It's always such a wonderful sound to hear.

My next appointment is July 27th, for our 30 week ultrasound. It will be amazing to see the baby again as the last time was 20 weeks.

This weekend we are going to paint the babys room. We bought the paint and supplys 2 weeks ago. Once the painting is done, we need to wait a week or so and then we will put the border up. It's so exciting!!!

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