Thursday, July 29, 2010

30 Week Scan

Tuesday we went for our 30 week scan. The baby still looks great. He is approximately 16 inches long and should be weighing about 3lbs 3ozs. The ultrasound technician surprised us though by saying based on the babys current measurements, his estimated weight right now is 3lbs 11ozs. She thinks I may deliver as early as September 26th with a birth weight of at least 8lbs!! Late September means he could be sharing a birth date with one of his grandfathers!!

We managed to get a lot of new pictures and also another DVD of him moving around, even though he wasn't too active.

All his organs look great and he had a nice full bladder and stomach.

My placenta and the umbilical cord are still intact; I never realized that the umbilical cord was about 2 1/2 ft long.

My next appointment with the Dr is August 13th. There are only 5 Doctors at the practice which deliver and I'll be seeing the 5th and final one on this appointment.

Next Tuesday, 3rd, we start our child birthing classes at the hospital. We also get a tour which we are both looking forward to.

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