Friday, August 13, 2010

32 Week Appointment

Yet again everything was fine at the appointment today. I had my hemoglobin tested to make sure my iron levels were satisfactory. I have had low iron levels in the past, before I was pregnant, so I was a little anxious for the outcome. It was a quick 2 minute test where the result needs to be over 11. Mine was luckily 12.5.

The Doctor listened to the baby's heartbeat, and good consistent baby was still at 150bpm. I had put on 3lbs over the past 4 weeks which puts me at 23lbs in 32 weeks. The Dr seemed very pleased.

I have been having minor cramps over the past few days and I was told to make sure I am not having more that 4 an hour. If so I have to call the Dr or go to the hospital as this can be a sign of pre-term labor. My next appointment is August 27th.

My energy levels are continuing to go down and it's starting to get more and more exhausting to do simple tasks around the house. Wednesday my mum will be here so I will put her to work!!

Next Saturday is my baby shower which I am very excited about and looking forward to it alot.

This weekend we plan on finishing the babys room, even though we keep saying that!!, by putting up the border and moving the furniture into place.