Saturday, March 20, 2010

Late night scare

On Friday March 19th, whilst at home, I suddenly noticed some bleeding. Even though its now such a habit for me to check each time I go to the bathroom, it was still a huge shock.

I phoned the on-call doctor who told me if it got a lot worse or became bright red, then I had to go straight to the ER. If there was no change by the morning, I had to come in to the doctors office and have an ultrasound done just to verify things were ok.

By the time I had gone to bed, everything was fine and I also checked in the middle of the night.

By the morning, I was having mild cramps and some back pain. We went to the doctors office at around 11am, both very nervous.

Everything was perfect. The doctor said it is probably still the placenta forming and it is just bursting a few blood vessels during the formation. The placenta, amniotic sack, amniotic fluid, and baby all looked perfect.

The baby was measuring at 4.3cm (11weeks and 1 day). We heard the heartbeat at 162bpm.

This baby was ACTIVE. It was kicking its little legs and waving its little arms and was constantly turning around. It was never still!! I dread to think how much sleep I am going to get in the last part of my pregnancy!

The first picture shows the baby waving its arms and legs around.
The second picture shows the baby laying belly first with its butt in the air!!
The third picture shows the top half of the baby front on, with its little alien looking head.
The fourth picture shows the baby giving the royal wave!!

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  1. sorry to hear about the scare.. but glad its all ok now