Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Its all becoming reality

To start with it was all a little surreal and felt like a dream. This test could have been anyones. The following week, February 5th, I booked an appointment at the doctors office to have it all confirmed there, and of course it came back positive!!

The nurse presented me with a huge list of food which I can no longer eat/drink: Sushi, shrimps/prawns, lots of cheeses, soft centre eggs, canned tuna, caffinated drinks and of course wine!

My next appointment was booked for Feb 13th for a scan. The scan didn't show as much as we had hoped as I was about 5 days off the doctors estimation, so we had to come back for another.

My second scan was scheduled for Feb 22nd. This one was alot better. The baby was measuring just less than 7 weeks, and had a heartbeat of 150bpm. We could see the little tail that would eventually disappear and we saw the heart flickering. The best part of the whole examination was actually hearing the heartbeat. It even made me shed a tear. Finally I felt pregnant.

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