Thursday, May 20, 2010

20 Week Scan

Everything looked great. The ultrasound technician checked all aspects of the baby - his heart, kidneys, stomach, bladder, umbilical cord, lip (to rule out the chance of a clef), bones, brain, spine, nose and many more parts which I can't remember.

First the brain and skull was checked and measured. We saw all the parts of the brain; some bits were meant to be black, and they were, and some bits were meant to be white and they were!!

Next she checked the lip to see if there were any signs of a clef, and also the nose for signs of Downs.

The spine was then checked to make sure it was correctly joined at the base of the skull and then was intact all the way down his back. Everything looked great.

Next was the kidneys, stomach and bladder. The kidneys had to be very pale and gray and the stomach and bladder had to be dark as they were both meant to be very full, and they were!

The stomach was then measured and the umbilical cord was checked and also the length of the femur. All bone measurements are based around the femur; if that's the correct size, then all other bones will be too.

The 4 chambers of the heart were verified and checked and we got to hear the heartbeat again - 150bpm.

The placenta and cord were both checked to make sure they were both in the correct position; both were.

Finally came the part of reconfirming the babys sex; something the baby was not very happy about. We had one very uncooperative baby, however the sex was reconfirmed at what they had told us at 16 weeks! She was 100% positive!!

Based on the measurements from the machine, he currently weighs 12 ozs and was measuring at 20w3d (October 4th) though my due date remains at October 6th.

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